21 March 2018

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Federal Association HPE

Our company is a member of the federal association HPE (wood packaging material, pallets, export packaging) and member of the specialist subgroup “Packaging to HPE standards” member number 58.
The members of the specialist groups make the difference!

In the video below, we can illustrate the particular quality features of our specialist group: “Packaging according to HPE standards

It is only the members of the specialist subgroup, that

  • are regularly audited by independent auditors
  • within the frame of the HPE packaging guidelines have developed standards to ensure a market-orientated export packaging of the highest quality.
  • have a long-term experience in packaging goods for the industry and export.
  • provide a wide range of logistic services.
  • have expert staff at their disposal – trained in special courses (packer training).
  • have taken out a special packaging liability insurance.
  • The so-called “Fachzeichen” (specialist emblem) with Manufacturer ID is the mark of the specialist group. Only packages packed according to the HPE packaging guidelines may use it.

The HPE packaging guidelines define minimum standards for mechanical load- and stress-resistent packaging for the transport of technical goods. The aim is to protect these products from the various stresses they may experience in the transport logistics chain, so that the product can be delivered intact and in good condition to its destination.